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Terms of sale

www.rigobellostore.com of Rigobello Roberto, with legal situs in Via leoncavallo 6, 47838 Riccione, enrolled to the Registry Enterprises of Rimini 1996-130590 - REA 227348, Holder of situated www.rigobellostore.com

We wish informar You that the Terms of sale brought back here of continuation indicate in clear and comprehensible way, the conditions and the modalities with which can carrying out its it acquires on-linens in the www.rigobellostore.com store.

We invite therefore to read them and to accept them for being able to use all our services on-linens in fast, sure way and in the full respect of the principles of good faith and loyalty in matter of transactions it trades them.

Acceptance of the conditions generates them of sale
1. The contract stipulated between www.rigobellostore.com and the Customer must agree concluded with the acceptance, also only partial, of the order from part of www.rigobellostore.com. Such acceptance thinks tacit, if not otherwise communicated with whichever modality the Customer. Carrying out an order in the several previewed modalities, the Customer declares to have taken to vision of all the indications to he supplied during the purchase procedure, and to accept the conditions integrally she generates them and of transcribed payment of continuation.

2. If the Customer is a consumer (that is a physical person who acquires the goods for not riferibili scopes to the own professional activity), once concluded the purchase procedure online, provvederà to print or to save copy electronic and however to conserve the present conditions generate them of sale, in the respect of previewed how much from the artt. 3 and 4 of Dlgs 185/1999 on the sales at a distance.

3. He comes straight excluded every of the Customer to a compensation you damn or indemnification, let alone whichever contractual or extracontractual responsibility for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or things, provokes to you from the lacked acceptance, also partial, of an order.

Modality of purchase
4. The Customer can only acquire the present products in the electronic catalog of www.rigobellostore.com at the moment of it forwards of the order and visionabili online to address (URL) http://www.rigobellostore.com therefore like described in the relative informative cards. He remains meant that the image to equipment of the descriptive card of a product can not be perfectly representative of its characteristics but to differ for color, dimensions, products present accessories in figure.

5. The corrected reception of the order is confirmed from www.rigobellostore.com by means of one answer via email, envoy to the communicated address of e-mail from the Customer. Such message of confirmation will bring back Given and to Hour of execution of the order and a Number Order Customer”, to use itself in every ulterior communication with www.rigobellostore.com. The message ripropone all the data inserted from the Customer who engages itself to verify of the correctness and to communicate eventual corrections timely, second the modalities described in this document.

6. In the event of lacked acceptance the order, www.rigobellostore.com guarantees timely communication to the Customer.

7. In eventual case of indisponibilita' of specific products www.rigobellostore.com provvedera' notifying to the customer the delay via mail. Offering: The products contained in the offered ones, if momentarily exausted, can be replaced with products of the same kind with equal or advanced price. Homages: In case of exausted homage the same one verra' replaced with other chosen homage from we. For the sotituzioni of the present products in the packages offered and of the homages, Disiu does not have some obligation to communicate such substitution to the buying customer.

Modality of payment
8. Credit card
(Half comfortable and sure) - our serveur is protect from protocol SSL and an taken care of cryptography. At the moment of the payment you will be connects to you with an interface automatically and your data will come managed directly from the bank, www.rigobellostore.com not them conoscera' never. All this in order to guarantee to the maximum the emergency and the privacy of our customers.

8.1 In case of cancellation of the order, it is from part of the Customer who in the event of lacked acceptance the same one from part of www.rigobellostore.com, will come contextually demanded from www.rigobellostore.com the cancellation of the transaction and the svincolo of the engaged amount. The times of svincolo, for some tipologie of papers, depend exclusively on the banking system and can arrive until their natural expiration (24° day from the authorization date). Once carried out the cancellation of the transaction, under no circumstances www.rigobellostore.com can be thought responsible for eventual damages, directed or indirect, it provokes to you from delay in the lacked one svincolo the amount engaged from part of the banking system.

8,2 www.rigobellostore.com reserves the faculty to demand to the Customer integrating information (to es. number of fixed telephone) or the shipment of proving document copy the title of the used Paper. In lack of the demanded documentation, www.rigobellostore.com reserves the faculty not to accept the order.

8.3 In no moment of the procedure of www.rigobellostore.com purchase it is in a position to knowing the relative information to the credit card of the purchaser, transmitted through protected logon directly to the situated one of the financial institution that manages the transaction. No database of www.rigobellostore.com will conserve such data. Under no circumstances www.rigobellostore.com can therefore be thought responsible for eventual fraudulent and undue use of credit cards from part of thirds party, to the action of the payment of products acquires on www.rigobellostore.com.

9. Mark
In case of purchase in Mark, the payment will have to be executed exclusively with cash or personal check intestate to the courier that will carry out the delivery. The communication to the Customer which courier will be person in charge of the delivery will come carried out with the modalities previewed on the situated one. Null more than indicated how much at the moment of the order it will have had from part of the Customer.

10. Anticipated Banking discount
In case of payment through Anticipated Banking Discount, how much ordering from the Customer will come maintained engaged until on reception of the test of happened discount, to send to www.rigobellostore.com of Rigobell Roberto (via fax or email) within and not beyond 3 work days to you from the date of acceptance of the order. The shipment of how much ordering will only happen to the action of the effective credit of the sum due on c/c of www.rigobellostore.com that will have to happen within 7 work days to you from the date of acceptance of the order. Exceeded such expirations, the order will come thought automatically cancelled.

The motive of the banking discount will have to bring back:
the reference number of the order;
the date of effettuazione of the order;
name and last name of the registered person of the order.
To carry out the discount in favor of: Rigobello Roberto - filial Bank CARIM Alba Riccione (21) V.le Dante 121 Riccione
Italian Banking coordinates (BBAN) ABI 06285 24121 CAB C/C 002103959508
European Banking coordinates (IBAN) IT 55 T 06285 24121 002103959508
The professionals who wish the invoice are pray you to ask it the moment for the order being communicated game Vat.

11. But various written indication all the prices indicate to you are from agreeing “Enclosed” and expressed Vat in Euro. The validita' of the prices it always indicates e' and only that one to you indicated from the procedure (estimate or undercarriage) in the same moment of I forward of the order the Supplier. The prices of some or all the products can in fact vary many times over also in the same day without necessity of some warning.

Terms indicated you of delivery
12. The goods comes sent, but disponibilita' of warehouse, medium within 5 work days to you from the finding of the product. The times indicate to you pass from the date of the confirmation of order sended from the Supplier to the Customer.

Modalita' of shipment
13. But explicit indication from part of our Service Customers, the delivery agrees to flat road. At the moment of the delivery of the goods from part of the courier, the Customer is held to control:
that the number of the necks in delivery corresponds to indicated how much in the document of transport anticipated via email;
that I pack it turns out integral, not damaged, neither bathed or however altered, also in the closing materials (adhesive tape or reggette metallic).
14. Eventual damages to I pack it and/or to the product or the lacked correspondence of the number of the necks or the indications, they must immediately be contests to you, affixing ACCEPTANCE With reservation on the test of delivery of the courier. That concurs of tutelarsi if whichever type of anomaly had to be found after the opening of the neck. In this last case it will only have to signal the happened one via fax to the local center of the courier and, for information to www.rigobellostore.com to number 0541641058. In particularly serious cases www.rigobellostore.com it will be able to demand the complete restitution of the received product waves to be able itself to avail again near the shipper. Once signed the document of the courier, the Customer will not be able to oppose some contestazione approximately the outer characteristics of delivered how much.

15. Eventual inherent problems physical integrity, the correspondence or the thoroughness of the products receipts must be signal to you within 7 days from the happened delivery, second the modalities previewed in the present document.

16. In the event of lacked withdrawal within 5 work days you the present material in lying near the warehouses of the courier because of reiterata impossibility of delivery to the delivery indicated from the Customer to the action of the order, the order will come automatically cancelled.

Shipment expenses
17. For all the orders in Italy shipment expenses to add to the total of the cost of articles inserted in the undercarriage are those brought back from the sale system.

The orders of inferior weight to the 50 Kg are defined and deal like Orders Standard to you, those advanced ones to the 50 Kg are defined and deal like Orders Standard Outside to you.

18. For the orders with SHIPMENT, ABROAD advanced to the 50 kg, e' necessary to demand a estimate of expense for expenses of transport to the mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it before defining the purchase on-linens.

18. For the orders with shipment abroad it is necessary to demand to estimated of expense for expenses of transport to the mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it before continuing the purchase on-linens.

The costs of shipping up to 50 kg:

Austria, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, GB, Denmark € 43,00
Germany € 60,00
Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden € 72,00
Switzerland € 125
Emission accompanying invoice
19. At the moment of the purchase the customer puo' to choose if to make to reach the accompanying invoice to a various address from that one of shipment. (We in the event advise to this choice of gifts or shipments to adressees to which e' not concurred to know the amount of the expense). The accompanying invoice verra' inserted in one envelope sluice and envoy united to the goods or separately in the event of gifts to friends. For the emission of the invoice, they make faith the information supplied from the Customer to the action of the order.

Straight of recess
20. In order to exercise the recess right it is necessary to send, within 10 work days you from the reception of the goods, one communication written to our center by means of letter Registered letter with reception warning. Such communication will have to contain
the necessary data to the location dellíordine (code customer, number order, etc)
the will to renounce to the purchase
The description and the codes of the product or the products which one agrees to exercise the recess right
copy of the fiscal document (Fattura or D.D.T.)
Banking coordinates of the Customer (checking account, abi, cab, registered person of the various account if from Customer).
21. The communication dovra' to be addressed to:

Rigobello hotel
Via Leoncavallo 6
47838 Riccione (RN)

Such communication could be anticipated also via fax to the 0541641058 or email to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , provided that be confirmed with A.r registered letter within 48 hours.

For correctness of the relationship the Customer engages itself to conserve and to guard with the maximum cure and diligenza the products receipts and for which she means to exercise the recess right together conserving them integral to packs originates them, inner and external let alone to all the accessories. Expenses and the risks of the transport for the restitution are to integral cargo of the Customer. The restitution of not integral products, deteriotates to you or deprives of accessories or equipments originate them sara' accepted from the Supplier and will not come given back to the sender with increase of transport expenses. For no reason the return goods will have to be sended in mark: in this case it will come intransgressibly rejected.

The recess right is only attributed to the customer consumer, that is a physical person who acquires goods for scopes not legacies to the own professional activity, that is does not carry out the purchase indicating in the order module game Vat.

22. Exclusion of the right of recess (Art.5 codicil 3 D. lgs. 185/1999)
The recess right is not applied to the Customer who acquires for own inherent purpose attivita' the working one (for es: instrumental use, resale etc) that is a reference of Left Vat carries out the purchase indicating in the module of order to www.rigobellostore.com. But various agreement between the parts, the consumer cannot exercise the right of recess in following in the cases:

to) of supply of services whose execution is begun, with the agreement of the consumer, before the expiration of the previewed term;

b) of supply of assets or services whose price is legacy to fluctuations of the rates the financial market that the professional is not in a position to controlling;

d) of supply of assets it manifactures to you on measure or clearly it personalizes to you or that, for they nature, cannot rispediti or risks to lose strength itself or to alter quickly;

d) of supply of products audiovisual aids or software informed to us it seals to you, opened from the consumer;

and) of supply of newspapers, periodicals and reviews;

f) of services of bets and lotterie (art. 55, codicil 2).

www.rigobellostore.com once received the goods in compliance with exposed how much over and carried out the due verifications will proceed to the reimbursement to the Customer in minor the possible time.

23. According to of art. the 13 of the decree legislative 30.06.2003 n. 196 (“code in matter of protection of the personal data”) www.rigobellostore.com declares that Your data, will not be in some way is diffused and/or rivenduti to thirds party and will be deals you from the holder (www.rigobellostore.com of Rigobello Roberto - via Leoncavallo, 6 - 47838 - Riccione (Rimini)) to the single scope of inviarVi our offering trades them that rispecchieranno Your interests, in order to manage Its demand for registration to the situated one and the ends of the escape of the order.

Its data could also be as an example deal you from subjects thirds party (, Internet Provider, services trade them and of marketing,) for activity orchestrate them to the distribution of the services reserve you to the customers record to you.

Previo Its consent, Its data could be communicates to having societies the third same purposes to you of the fields: services trade them and of marketing.

According to of art. the 7, d. lgs 196/the 2003 customer/customer has the right to exercise some rights between which knowing:
- the origin of the personal data;
- the modernization and the rectification that is in case have interest to you, integration of the data;
- the finalita' and modalita' of the treatment;
- the ends identified you of the holder and the responsible
- the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous shape or the block of the data deal to you in law violation.

In order to exercise these rights you will be able to contact in charge of the treatment of the data, writing to: www.rigobellostore.com of Rigobello Roberto, Riccione center, via Leoncavallo, 6 address email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    

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